Carragher and Neville in controversy over Ronaldo

The news that Ronaldo has asked to leave United has caused a stir. Carragher and Gary Neville are arguing over Ronaldo over social media.

Former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has ruled out a move for Ronaldo, who has been linked with a move to Old Trafford.

“Ronaldo did exactly what I expected. He scored, but it only made matters worse for the team. “His decision to leave the club is a blow to the ideology of rejecting Manchester City out of love for United,” Carragher wrote on his Twitter account.

That’s what Neville said

“I know you’re tired of it. But Ronaldo can turn down Manchester City for United. He can leave the club this summer if he wants to. Ronaldo has left United in the past, but he still loves the club. Happy Saturday night! ”
Carragher replied,

“City did not want him. But you are still talking about it as if Elvis Manchester had arrived. Elvis left. “Neville replied,” There is little talk.