Follow Italy and warn the Northern Macedonian heroes, Ronaldo

Following on the victory over European champions Italy in the play-off semi-finals

The heroes of Northern Macedonia will face in the final

Ronaldo warns Portugal

A small country with a population of only 2 million is a football power

He scored a stunning goal in the 92nd minute of extra time.

Now Northern Macedonia is in the World Cup in Qatar

In the play-off final next Tuesday for a place

We will continue to face another football power, Portugal.

They can beat a team like Italy

No one expected it.

That’s why after winning the home team in Italy

There was a real victory in the locker room.

But we still have to face a team like Portugal

They are not yet fully happy.

For Northern Macedonia after the break-up of Yugoslavia

The only international competition was Euro 2020.

In the only international competition they have ever competed in

Northern Macedonia could not score a point.

North Macedonia captain Ristowski

They believe they can reach the Qatar World Cup.

“I am very happy for this victory.

Back to Northern Macedonia

Tens of thousands are expected to sing.

Can we beat Portugal?

Yes, We can only say that we can win.

We will do anything to win

We can play to win, ”said Ristowski.