Former Actress Ackerson reveals Ronaldo story in 2007

British actor Gamma Atkinson has revealed what Ronaldo looked like in 2007 when they were dating for a while.
Atkinson, 37, fell in love with Ronaldo 15 years ago.
It was the Portuguese’s first United career.
Their love life did not last long, but the moment they dated Ronaldo was a glorious one for Gamma Atkinson.
“At the time, Ronaldo loved tea and enjoyed watching comedy TV series,” Atkinson said.
“There were times when I went home and the two of us had a good time. He loves moonshine and watches Only Fools And Horses. I don’t know if he will watch it again now. But at the time, he seemed to like it a lot. It was a wonderful time, “said Gamma Atkinson.
“I was offered a lot of money to talk about my love life with Ronaldo, but I turned it down,” he said.
“After we broke up, we were offered a lot of money to talk about him. “I do not want that.”
Ronaldo and Gamma Atkinson split at the end of 2007.