Gary Neville jokes that Salah lied to Liverpool to get the salary he wanted

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has ridiculed Salah for cheating on Liverpool to get the salary he wanted. With just 12 months left on his contract, he postponed it because he wanted a pay rise, and Liverpool recently offered Salah up to တစ်ပတ် 400,000-a-week, a three-year deal. Liverpool have been quick to extend Salah’s contract, with reports linking him with a move to La Liga giants Real Madrid ahead of his contract extension.

The news that Salah will remain at Liverpool has brought relief to fans and manager Yagan Klopp, but Gary Neville, a former Liverpool rival, has ridiculed Salah for tricking Liverpool into getting what he wants. Gary Neville took to his Twitter account to say, “Salah has done a good job of cheating on Liverpool,” and ridiculed the Liverpool fans who were overjoyed to extend his contract with Salah. Under the new deal, Salah will get the salary he wants, making him the highest paid player in Liverpool history and the highest paid player in the Premier League.